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Chris Parkhurst has a solid reputation as an attorney who knows how to fight and win DUI cases in the Greater Sacramento area and throughout Northern California.


Chris is a proven gladiator in the courtroom. When he believes in his client's cause he will fight like few others can. If you are facing a criminal charge, there is no better attorney to represent you.


The majority of Chris's criminal defense clients come to him for his well-earned reputation for fighting to keep his clients out of jail. Chris's clients almost always leave happy.


Those who cannot afford to be without their Driver's License call Chris Parkhurst. Chris has been fighting for his clients' licenses in the California Courts and the DMV for nearly 15 years. 

What our clients say about Sacramento Criminal Attorney Chris Parkhurst...

He helped me with my DUI case and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Not for a moment. . .

Previous DUI Client 
Sacramento, CA

My experience with Christopher Parkhurst as my DUI lawyer could not have been better. I do not live in the county I was charged in. Out of about six court dates I did not. . .

Sacramento, CA

My wife's insurance recommended Mr. Parkhurst, so we took advantage of his 30 minute free consultation. My wife, her mother and I all went to the meeting and right away he made all three of us feel very relaxed. He provided us with detailed information about how the process would go and gave us honest answers about what to expect. I understand just about any lawyer can talk about the DUI process, it is their job after all, but what impressed me specifically was Mr. Parkhurst's willingness to. . .

Sacramento, CA

The Law Office of Christopher Parkhurst is Sacramento's Premier Criminal Defense Law Firm.

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