Sacramento Burglary Defense Attorney

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Burglary Defense Attorney

Under California Law and Penal Code section 459, entering a building with intent to commit a crime can amount to a charge of burglary. Burglary charges can range in severity from misdemeanor to a serious felony. Unfortunately, burglary charges are not that hard to pick up, as even simple shoplifting can be interpreted as Burglary and turned into a felony charge with the potential of resulting in state prison.

Burglary Can be Charged as a Misdemeanor or a Felony

Under California law, burglary is what is known as a “wobbler.” What that means is that if you are arrested for burglary you may be charged with with a felony in many instances. Burglary charges can often be defended as the intent of the individual being charged becomes very important. Likewise it can often be difficult for prosecutors to demonstrate that you had felonies intentions. If you or someone you love is being charged with a burglary charge, call me immediately. I will fight to keep you out of jail and keep your record clean.

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