Sacramento Drug Charges Including Possession of Controlled Substances

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Drug Charges and Violations of the Health & Safety Code

A large number of the criminal cases handled in the Sacramento Courthouse daily are drug cases. I have spent my career keeping clients charged with drug crimes out of jail and state prison. For many possession of controlled substance charges I can work out jail alternatives including drug diversion. When the sale of drugs is alleged, a tough defense strategy may be required to avoid jail time. If you are being charged with a drug charge in Sacramento call me today.

What are PC 1000 and Prop. 36?

California law makers have made some efforts towards a policy of allowing some non-violent drug offenders to stay out of jail and get the treatment they need. There are two primary programs that are sometimes available to people charged with drug crimes. These are Prop. 36 and PC 1000. Under these laws some people charged with drug crimes may be able to avoid jail, get treatment, and sometimes have their charges dismissed. Please do not assume you can just walk into court and sign up for one of these programs. If you are facing drug charges you will want an aggressive and experienced drug defense attorney in court fighting for you. Give me a call. I can help you.

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