Sacramento is buzzing over prop 47

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It seems like I cannot go anywhere around town lately without hearing about Prop 47. (for those who do not know, proposition 47 was a law passed in November 2014, in which California Voters voted to have several formerly felony charges be reduced to misdemeanors, and to allow people who had previously been sentenced to these felonies, be re-sentened. The result has been, and will be, thousands of people state wide being released early from jail and prison.) Depending on who you talk to you get different responses to proposition 47. Of course, if you talk to a district attorney or law enforcement officer, many of them feel that proposition 47 is just horrible. On the other hand, people who have been convicted of the crimes listed in proposition 47 (Possession of a controlled substance, burglary, petty theft with a prior, receiving stollen property, grand theft, just to name a few) and their loved ones, are thrilled at the prospect of having the charges reduced to misdemeanors and in many instances be re-sentenced to a misdemeanor appropriate sentence.
Prop 47 = Less Crowded Jails (at least temporarily)

Our law office has already had clients who were in jail released much earlier than we had expected, as a result of prop 47. There is no doubt in my mind that prop 47 will serve to reduce the crowding in the Sacramento County jails, as well as prisons around the state. Despite the horror stories you may hear, most of the people who are benefiting from proposition 47 are no danger to anyone, and thus there is little risk and much tax payer revenue to be saved. On the other hand, if you are worried about “dangerous” people being out on the streets, consider this, if more jail beds are opened up, this makes room for people who might be truly dangerous.

  • Proposition 47 Results in Sacramento Inmates Being Released from Jail
  • How to Utilize Prop 47 in Sacramento

If you believe prop 47 may apply to you should first do some research to make sure you know exactly what charges you (or your loved one) were convicted of, as Prop 47 is very specific as to what charges are covered. Once you have this information, contact an attorney who is knowledgable about proposition 47. With that information a knowledgeable attorney will be able to guide you as to the nest move. If the sentence is completed, then a reduction to a misdemeanor will be appropriate. If the sentence is still being served, then a motion to re-sentence will be required.

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