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Grand Theft, Petty Theft, and Shoplifting Defense

If are caught stealing in the state of California, you will likely be charged with either petty theft or grand theft depending on the value of the items taken. In addition to these crimes carrying with them suprsingly, severe punishments, including jail or prison time, these charges can be particularly damaging to one’s criminal record, as well. While some employers may turn a bling eye to certain convictions that appear on background checks, these types of charges carry a stigma of dishonesty and “moral turpitude” that most employers run away from. Don’t simply plead guilt to a charge of theft. These cases are often defensible especially by an experienced criminal defense attorney like myself. I cannot count the number of clients who have come to my office ashamed that they were caught stealing, who were afraid to go to jail, who later thanked my profusely for the good results I was able to get them. I know how to defend theft cases. Call me today.

What Is The Difference Between Grand Theft and Petty Theft?

If the value of the property stolen is $950 or higher then the appropriate charge is Grand Theft. If the value of the property is less than $950 then the appropriate charge is petty theft. Grand theft is often a felony, while petty theft is a misdemeanor. However, if one is charged with petty theft following a previous theft conviction, then the charge will be “petty theft with a prior” which is also a felony.

Theft Charges Can Be Defended Against.

Too many people who are charged with petty theft go to court and plead guilty at the first court appearance. That is often a mistake. A petty theft conviction is not a minor issue as it suggests an honesty problem which often sends future employers running. If you think you will be subject to any background checks then you will want to all that you can to keep a theft conviction off your record. Moreover, theft charges are often defensible especially in Sacramento County. If you are represented by a skilled petty theft defense attorney with a reputation for being willing to take a case to trial if necessary, you may be able to get a plea bargain which includes a dismissal of the charges through a program called Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ). Don’t go plead guilty without a skilled attorney evaluating your case first. Call me. I will evaluate your theft case for no charge.

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