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Board of Nursing License Defense Attorney

Nursing is an intense and a stressful career, similar to to the stress experienced by many attorneys. Unfortunately, one of the byproducts of stressful career choices can be the use of alcohol and other chemical substances and the consequential DUI or related criminal charges. When someone who has a nursing license is charges with a crime, including something as minor as a DUI, the State Board of Nursing will take action against them to suspend their license.

I defend Nurses who are facing actions taken by the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) against their license as a result of criminal allegations or convictions including DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, and other crimes. If you receive a letter from the BRN informing you that they intend to take administrative action against your license or that you are being investigated you should call me immediately. Quick action by an experienced Nursing License Defense Attorney can mean the difference between being able to continue working and losing your license. Losing your license even for a few months can cost you your job and thousands of dollars in lost wages.

License Suspension as a Condition of Bail

When a nurse is charged with a crime, if they are released on bail, in many instances the State Attorney General who prosecuted nursing license cases on behalf of the California Board of Registered Nurses, will come to the bail hearing and request that the individual have their license suspended immediately, as a condition of bail, even before the individual is found guilty. This is a terrible over-reach by the attorney general which can be stopped in many instances by an experienced license defense attorney who has dealt with this situation before. If you are being charged with a crime, and you are a licensed nurse, time is of the essence. Please call me immediately so we can take steps to avoid the suspension of your license.

If Convicted of a Crime, The California Board of Registered Nursing Will Take Action on Your License

Once an initial suspension of your nursing license is avoided at the bail hearing, you are not out of the woods yet. Upon a conviction in criminal court, the Attorney General will summon you to a hearing at which they will seek to suspense your license. I have successfully defended many clients against such attempted suspensions and I have saved the licenses of almost all of my clients. I can effectively represent you, if you call me.

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