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Boating Under the Influence-BUI

One of the the great things about living in the River City is the boating culture in the summer time.  In the summer  the Sacramento and American rivers become a mecca for boaters and partiers.  If you like to party and you like to boat, beware that you do not do both at the same time.  Multiple arresting agencies patrol the rivers daily searching for individuals who are driving boats while under the influence. If you are ever charged with a BUI you should call me. I am an experienced BUI attorney. While there are only a handful of defense attorneys who are highly skilled at DUI’s in Sacramento, there are far less who are experienced in Boating under the influence charges. Do not trust your case to a novice. Call an experienced BUI attorney.

What is a BUI ( Boating Under the Influence ) charge?

Under the California Harbors and Navigation Code Section 655, boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is criminalized as a misdemeanor and carries a penalty of up to six months in jail.  This charge is similar to a DUI in many ways except that it does not carry the Driver’s License suspension penalties that are so common in DUI cases.  That being said, BUI charges should not be taken lightly, especially in Sacramento.  These charges carry penalties that include large fines, probation, alcohol classes, in addition to leaving one with a criminal record that can hurt your employ-ability or eligibility for professional licenses.

Boating Under the Influence Cases

These cases are more common than you might think. The sheriff patrols the Sacramento River and also the American River aggressively particularly during the summer months. They are watching boats with their binoculars trying to find people who are drinking while driving a boat. Be safe out there.

Attorney Chris Parkhurst

Mr. Parkhurst is an active member in professional organizations including the California DUI Lawyers Association, the Sacramento County Bar Association, California Deuce Defenders and the California Public Defenders Association. In his spare time, he enjoys the company of family and friends, travel, the beach, and competing in individual and team sports.

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