Chris Parkhurst Trial Victories in the Press

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Domestic Violence Trial

They stopped covering this case before the acquittal came in. But here are the results:

4 not guilty counts
1 count dismissed by the judge after defense motion
2 counts dismissed by the prosecutor after the jury verdict
Clean sweep…

Felony Child Abuse Trial

This trial was a child abuse case in which my client was facing several years in jail for felony child abuse. The news article below was written with pro-prosecutor bias, so it is hard to tell from the article exactly what happened. I will tell you what happened. I beat the felony charges and my client avoided prison. My client was only convicted of one misdemeanor, that required probation but no jail time. It is difficult to tell from the article but this was a huge victory for my client. When I was leaving the courthouse that day, I saw the prosecutor in his car pounding on on his steering wheel. I guess he didn’t like losing.

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